Tuesday, 16 August 2011

New Blog - Pubs: Then & Now

Since I wrote this almost a year ago, I've decided not to continue with this blog, but I have started a new blog called "Pubs: Then & Now". This will show pictures of various pubs that I have photographed over the years to show how they have changed (or not!). I hope you enjoy this new blog.

Friday, 27 August 2010

I'm Done!!!

After almost 21 months of continuous daily blogging I'm having a rest. I'm not sure if I can be bothered to do this any more as it has become something of a 'fixed point' in my day! It all seems a bit pointless. If anyone would like me to carry on, please leave a comment and, if there are enough, I will resume blogging....but if not....then I'm gone!

Your Friday questions are:-
  1. In which country was the first flight of a jet powered aeroplane today in 1939?

  2. Australian mark Webber (right) was born today in 1976 and is currently a driver for which Formula 1 racing team?

  3. Who was born today in 1886 and composed "The Dambusters March"?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Captain James Cook; 2. 'The Man of a Thousand Faces'; 3. Pope John Paul I

Thursday, 26 August 2010

Geo-Engineering to Save the Planet??

Er...no, it won't work! A study of possible Geo-engineering projects has shown that they will not stop the projected rise in the world's oceans! Anyone who has read my mutterings on this subject will know that I'm not surprised by this news! The best hope for humanity is to plan for survival. Move away from the vulnerable coastal areas, grow more food in less space...errr...that's about it! I would suggest that we need to reduce the population, but that's never going to happen by consent. Humans are smarter than the dinosaurs, so we should be able to plan our way out of this natural change in the world's climate!

Your Thursday questions are:-
  1. Who set sail from Plymouth on board HMS Endeavour today in 1768?

  2. What was the nickname of actor Lon Chaney Sr. (right) who died today in 1930?

  3. Who became Pope today in 1978, but only held the office for 33 days?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Frederick Forsyth; 2. "Achy Breaky Heart"; 3. Croatia

Wednesday, 25 August 2010

The Late Late Late Show!!

Very, very late back tonight...so here they are.

Your Wednesday questions are:-
  1. Who was born today in 1938 and wrote the novel "The Odessa File"?

  2. What is the biggest selling single released by Billy Ray Cyrus (right) who was born today in 1961?

  3. In which country is Vukovar which was attacked today in 1991 resulting in an 87 day siege?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Captain Matthew Webb; 2. Norwich City; 3. Mikhail Gorbachev

Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Earth Bugs Survive in Space

This is a fascinating story and could help us to understand how life might be transported around the universe. Bacteria from the cliffs near to Beer in Devon were put on the outside of the International Space Station and left for 553 days. Remarkably, many survived the exposure to outer space! OK, so that's a long way short of the millions of years that they would need to survive to travel between planets in different solar systems...but it's a start! An interesting experiment; I wonder where it will lead us.

Your Tuesday questions are:-
  1. Who started out on the first successful swim across the English Channel today in 1875?

  2. Stephen Fry (right) was born today in 1957 and was appointed to the board of directors of which English football club in 2010?

  3. Who resigned as the General Secretary of the Soviet Communist Party today in 1991?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Gene Kelly; 2. Tottenham Hotspur; 3. Geoff Capes

Monday, 23 August 2010

Dirty Tricks?

When it was announced that the man responsible for the Wikileaks publication of many secret Afghan War documents had been accused of rape, I smelled a rat! Now, the warrant for the arrest of Julian Assange has been cancelled without explanation! Very strange. Possibly this was a warning from the 'powers-that-be' to be very careful in future...or have I watched too many spy stories?!

Your Monday questions are:-
  1. Which dancer, singer and actor was born today in 1912 in Pittsburgh?

  2. Retired footballer Gary Mabbutt (right) was born today in 1961 and played for which First Division/Premier League team from 1982 to 1998?

  3. Who was born today in 1949 in Lincolnshire and was the World's Strongest Man twice in the 1980's?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Steve Davis; 2. Sir Guy of Gisborne; 3. America

Sunday, 22 August 2010

Text Rescue!

Imagine the scene, you're 11,500 ft up Mont Blanc, with a dislocated shoulder and the weather closes in! With battery power running out, there's only one option...text a friend in Shropshire...simples! That's what Finn McCann and Tom Greenwood did on Wednesday and they're here to tell the tale! It is amazing how modern communication technology can become so useful!

Your Sunday questions are:-
  1. Which six-time World Champion snooker player was born today in 1957?

  2. Richard Armitage (right) was born today in 1971 and played which character in the BBC TV series "Robin Hood"?

  3. Which yacht won the first race for what became known as the America's Cup today in 1851?
Yesterday's Answers: 1. Captain James Cook ; 2. Liverpool; 3. Oasis